How To Make Effective Use Of Web Fonts

Writing for your web site is not the same As offline writing. This is because it’s more difficult to read text on your computer monitor and people tend to scan your own web pages instead of read them word for word. When deciding on what web font to use, take under consideration the personality of your site and whether the web font type is widely available.

Examine The Nature Of Your Web Site –

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for most web sites you’d use a big or free hawaiian fonts for your own header to capture your visitors attention along with a smaller web font for text. When employing a fancy font make certain that it is available on many computers otherwise your customers will not be able to read it.

Search Engine Compatibility –

fonts used within pictures can be viewed on most of computers, but it can’t be read from the search engines. They can just”read” text. When designing images always use the”alt” tag to convey what your image is about. Attempt to include appropriate keywords and phrases in your website copy. This will help the search engines index your own site.

Serif Fonts –

these are widely used for PRINT press ie Times Roman, Georgia, but are not good for the internet since they’re hard to read on the monitor.

Sans Serif Fonts –

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All these are fonts which don’t have serifs. They are the best fonts to use for the WEB (ie Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Trebuchet) but aren’t suitable for print press.

Use The Right Font Size –

alternative font sizes add flavor and character to a web site. If you’d like your text to be seen properly for both PC and MAC users, then it’s better to use pixels rather then points. Points might seem all right onto a PC but may look smaller on a MAC (although nowadays there are only a small fraction of people using MACs).

Utilize Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) –

these enable you to easily create a constant font style throughout your whole web site. If you want to change the font on all your web pages, then you just need to change one style sheet.

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CSS allows you to easily utilize The Browser will use the first one it comes to from the record that is installed. If None of the kind faces in the list are accessible, it reverts to the default.