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Story of The Wizard of Oz is a Fantastic It shows how every character shared an encounter yet received another learning or meaning from it. In experiential learning programs each individual has been exposed to the same experience but may take away a different learning based on their perceptions, desirable outcomes and their learning styles.

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Carl Rogers (1994) wrote that learning is Facilitated if:'(1) the student engage completely in the learning practice and has control over its nature and leadership, (2) it is mostly based upon direct confrontation with practical, social, personal or research problems, and (3) self-evaluation is the main method of assessing progress or achievement.’

Experiential learning is 1 type of Instructive strategy for learning. It isn’t an alternate approach, but possibly the most ordinary and fundamental process of human learning. Paradoxically, the current understanding of formal education as (a fringe modality) different is possibly because of the normalisation of didactic instruction as the mainstream educational model.

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Traditional, unidirectional, didactic Learning paradigms have dominated Western instruction for centuries. Traditionally an instructor may prepare content and devote most of the time on delivering this content. Whereas an experiential facilitator may have a few key concepts and a framework for delivery, but not restrict themselves to that content alone. In true experiential learning that the facilitator provides opportunities for interaction, feedback and creating decisions so that personalized learning is lively and individualised.

You’re prepared, willing and able to turn into Personally involved in the procedure. You’re ready to actively engage in both the activity / challenge and the reflective procedure, decide your own meaning / context to the messages then apply the learning back to your own staff or organisational context. From the Wizard of Oz all the characters engaged entirely in the journey nonetheless, had their own personal learning from the ending.

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Since the human element is included, we All take slightly different meanings from any single occasion. Actually, depending In your understanding, events can supply diametrically opposed learnings for individuals. Coming with prejudices Contributes to diversion from the personal Thoughts, and a lack of appreciation for other students and their perspectives. Judgements can be yourself as well as others. From the Wizard of Oz the Characters held judgements about their courage, intelligence and compassion. Their very own character judgements were really different for their true selves and Held them back in many ways.